Maple Leaf Omega Nub 60 Degree Hop Up for AEG Chamber Bucking Rubber Hop Up Tensioner Nub



3.Concave shape leads to better BB contact

4.Works incredibly well with Maple Leaf Macaron, Super Macaron, and MR hopup buckings / chamber packings

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The hop-up nub designed for AEG 60/70/80 degree hop-up chamber bucking rubber, such as the Hop Up Nub, boasts a slight external concave profile. This particular design feature serves a crucial purpose by enhancing the contact between the nub and the BB (ball bullet). The concave surface of the nub enables it to conform more closely to the shape of the BB, which ultimately leads to improved accuracy and consistency in shooting performance.

This compatibility extends to most AEG hop units, ensuring ease of installation without the need for extensive modifications. In essence, this specialized hop-up nub optimizes the interaction between the bucking rubber and the BB, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the hop-up system in maintaining trajectory control and enhancing overall shooting precision.

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