CNC Stainless Steel Cylinder For Airsoft

Air Aolume: 90%
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1.Material: Stainless Steel

2.Air volume: 60%/80%/90%

3.Processing method: CNC

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We offer a variety of gear ratios and types for you to choose from, ensuring you always find the perfect fit with your needs! With over 20 years of machining experience, we have perfected our unique processing techniques and let our product quality speak for itself. Continuously refining gear parameters and optimizing production processes, we test materials rigorously to ensure smoother operation, quieter performance, and enhanced gear functionality.

Furthermore, we collaborate closely with firearm experts from around the world, including Italy, the United States, Japan, Brazil, and others, conducting extensive testing before any product launch. We prioritize customer-centric upgrades, aiming for every player to enjoy a superior airsoft experience.

We welcome your suggestions to further improve our products for mutual success. Partnering with us promises a unique experience tailored to meet your needs. Contact us now for special discounts on bulk orders that you won't want to miss!

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